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2.1 Sci-Ryder gives a 6 month Warranty calculated from the Purchase Date, provided that Sci-Ryder has been informed by way of a Notice of a Warranty Claim, within 7 calendar days after the Product has failed to perform in accordance with the Warranty.

2.2 In the event of a Warranty Claim, Sci-Ryder will not have any liability for that Warranty Claim if that Warranty Claim is as a result of:

2.2.1 unauthorised modifications to the Product by the Purchaser or any third party;

2.2.2 damage to the Product by the Purchaser;

2.2.3 neglect of the Product;

2.2.4 use of the Product other than the use of the Product as contained in the Product

2.2.5 hardware not being suitable or appropriate for use with the Product.

2.3 Sci-Ryder’s only liability in respect of a Warranty Claim will be at the their option to:

2.3.1 replace the Product with another product which performs substantially the same

2.3.2 refund the Purchaser with the Purchase Price.

2.4 In the event where Sci-Ryder has supplied another product to the Purchaser as a result of a Warranty Claim, Sci-Ryder will again give a Warranty for that product and the terms and conditions regulating a Guarantee in this Agreement shall be applicable to that other product. Specifications; as the Product;

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